Voice of Peekay


We define vision as:

  • Clarity and acceptance about the organizational vision and goals in a uniform way.
  • Clarity about the understanding of meeting goals, agenda, assignments and milestones
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Readiness to push for ‘stretch’ objectives

We define Ownership as:

  • Take responsibility for meeting own as well as team’s need.
  • Does self-assessment and open to review
  • Regularly examines the barriers to performance (including conflict) and resolves the same

We define Innovation as:

  • Encourage innovative ideas
  • Fosters new practices
  • Nurtures creativity and innovation
  • Rewards and recognize innovative ideas and efforts
  • Benchmark with best practices globally
  • Encourage research in studying competitors

We define Communication as:

  • Adopts transparency in communication
  • Encourage discussion and offers non-judgmental responses
  • Shares feelings and concerns.
  • Seeks help

We define Efficiency as:

  • Follows a systematic process and manage interdependencies
  • Ensures consistency in performance
  • Develops expertise of self and team
  • Solves problem by using his efficiency

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